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About Our Minders
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 How do we choose a Minder for your Dog?

We often get asked why we don't put a list of our minders and their locations on our website, there are a number of reasons but most of them come down to our staff having the experience to choose the best minder for your dog based on the following:
- Firstly we know our minders very well, we have met them and know what type of dogs they are willing to care for but more importantly from experience, we know what type of dogs they are capable of looking after. We also take into account the type home and outdoor space the minder has.
- We will spend time speaking to you so we can get all the information about your dog and from this conversation we can ascertain the type of minder you are looking for.
- We know when our minders are available, when they are looking after another dog or away on holidays or if they are just having a short break from minding.
- For your convenience we always try to organise a minder that is as close to you as possible.
- Basically we know all the requirements on the type of dog our minders want to care for and
we know all the requirements that you want from a minder. Using this information our experienced staff then :

1. Select from over 100 minders for the most appropriate for your dog.
2. From these appropriate minders, we select the minders that are available for your dates.
3. Lastly from these appropriate & available minders we select the closest minder to your location.

I hope this gives you a bit more insight into how we choose a minder for your dog.

More on Our Minders

** All our Minders are experienced dog lovers that will have your dog inside and treated as part of the family. 

** Some of the Minders have dogs of their own, while others don't currently own a dog. 

** We have meet, know and trust all our Minders, they will take great care with your dog. 

** Our Minders are required to walk your dog every day at no extra charge and know the importance a walk can make in a dogs life.

** The Minders are only too happy to follow your dogs normal feeding routine. 

** The Minders can administer any medication your dogs require at no extra charge.

** We have checked all our Minders homes to ensure their backyards are fully fenced, safe and secure.

** For your peace of mind you meet with the Minder before you go away to ensure you are completely comfortable.

Phone: 1800 867 364


or submit an enquiry  here