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Finding a Dog Minder
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Why is TopDog Minders better than finding a privately advertised dog minder online or in a newspaper?

If you are debating on whether to use a private dog minder or a registered professional dog minding company like TopDog Minders, then you should ask yourself the following before deciding:

1. Does the person have solid procedures in place should your dog escape and will they care enough to take all steps necessary to locate your dog?
If your dog escapes and runs onto the road causing a traffic accident you could be up for not only the loss or injury to your dog but also vehicle damage, right up to the injury of people involving hospitals and ongoing medical care.

All of TopDog's Minders are checked for yard and house security before being accepted as a TopDog Minder and they will ALWAYS keep your dog on a leash when outside of their secure property, meaning that the likelihood of this happening is extremely minimal, however being a responsible company we do have procedures in place and we have 24/7 contact available for minders should it be required.

2. Are they insured? In particular, third party / public liability insurance. This cover is imperative in the event of your dog getting injured or your dog causing injury to another person or animal or causing property damage.
Who pays? If the minder is not insured you do! Most private minders are not insured as the correct third party insurance costs thousands per year!

3. Does the person have procedures in place for an alternative minder should they become ill or otherwise unable to care for your dog while you are away?

4. Has the person been checked and do they comply with the council & government rules and regulations?

5. Are they a legally registered business?

6. Is the person registered with the local council as operating a boarding facility?
The person is required to do this as they are operating for profit. If they are not, they are operating illegally. A council law enforcement officer has the authority to remove animals from the property and impound them at the owners expense. The dog minder can also be fined by council.

Should a dog owner happen to make a "private arrangement" with one of our minders, we will NOT accept ANY responsibility for anything that goes wrong. If there is no recorded booking, it is non existent and therefore, there is no protection. The minder will also be taken off our list of approved minders.

TopDog Minders is a professional dog minding company and we pay a lot of money each year to operate LEGALLY.
TopDog Minders IS a registered company.
TopDog Minders DOES have third party / public liability insurance, which not only covers us but also all our Minders, you and your dog.
TopDog Minders IS a registered boarding facility.
We DO have security plans and procedures in place to ensure the health & safety of your dog.
We DO screen all of our minders before accepting them.

Is saving a couple of dollars really worth the health & wellbeing of your dog and your peace of mind?